Twin Format layer to play selection issue for PC software player

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Wed Aug 17 06:15:18 PDT 2005

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>>>> OS (kernel) patch to support the new twin/hybrid format.
>>> This is not true. You would need to enhance the mount format to 
>>> support
>>> session numbers as mount option.
>> This depends what functionality we want to provide. If we do want to 
>> has the
>> OS mount the first session(s) for view in Explorer, yes, we would 
>> need this
>> change. However in the scheme of a DVD-Video - HD-Video disc, the 
>> playback
>> software does not need the OS to mount the DVD session as the player
>> software may parse himself the file system.
> Depends on the rights model.
> On an OS that cleanly separates rights, you need administrative rights 
> in
> order to access the device while accessing the mounted filesystem is 
> granted
> to anyone.

On a host that makes that particular kind of clean separation, ...

A root-privileged kernel patch can mount the raw data as a file, to 
duck the need for root privilege for playback.

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