Twin Format layer to play selection issue for PC software player

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Fri Aug 12 07:06:26 PDT 2005

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Dear Joerg,

Welcome to the discussion. :-)

> > Because it permits to see both format layers in a single address space.
> > eliminate the need of a layer selection command. Hence you avoid to need
> > OS (kernel) patch to support the new twin/hybrid format.
> This is not true. You would need to enhance the mount format to support
> session numbers as mount option. 

This depends what functionality we want to provide. If we do want to has the
OS mount the first session(s) for view in Explorer, yes, we would need this
change. However in the scheme of a DVD-Video - HD-Video disc, the playback
software does not need the OS to mount the DVD session as the player
software may parse himself the file system.

Best regards,

David Burg,
Nero AG.

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