About September 12 Mt.Fuji meeting

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Fri Aug 12 04:04:22 PDT 2005

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Hi all,

I would like to propose the meeting schedule change.

1. No the 9/12 Mt.Fuji meeting.
2. Join to 9/13 MMC WG.

I think Hybrid disc discussion is a big part of MMC, so we may discuss it
in a same room.
MMC WG has many items to discuss. So if Bill thinks 3 days are necessary, I
will ask the meeting room availability to John.

If you oppose this proposal, let me know ASAP.

Majordomo Email Server reported an error if I worte "can cel" at 5th line.
So this is the 2nd try for T10 reflector. Sorry for bothering you.

Best regards,

Keiji Katata

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