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Mon Aug 8 20:50:08 PDT 2005

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Hello Henry,

I have a simple question regarding your proposal.
In case of LOW method, where do you assume to store the LOW redirect

Kind regards,
Takeshi Kohda

2005/08/09 08:02, "Henry Gabryjelski" <henrygab at>
> Hello Mt. Fuji and MMC people,
> Microsoft would like to propose an alternate method for hybrid discs,
> such as Twin Format.
> The basic idea of this proposal is to allow access to all layers on such
> a disc in one contiguous LBA space.  The use of either generated
> "multisession" information or the use of Logical Overwrite (LOW, aka
> POW) enable the OS to locate the most applicable file system to be used.
> Both (all) layers are active, and the addressable space on the media
> does not change for a given physical piece of media.
> Microsoft will explain this proposal in more detail at the next Mt. Fuji
> meeting on August 23rd.
> Thank you,

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