Mt.Fuji Ver.6 Rev.0.93 is ready for the review

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Dear Kohda-san,

I have acknowledged that the values of REPORT KEY Data Length field in 
Table 527 and Table 528 are incorrect. These values should be 22h 
instaed of 32h. Would you please correct these values in the next 

Best Regards,
Atsushi Ishihara, Toshiba

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>Subject: Mt.Fuji Ver.6 Rev.0.93 is ready for the review
>Dear all,
>The Mt. Fuji v6 rev 0.93 is now available.
>The major difference between rev 0.92 and 0.93 is AACS related.
>Due to the change of the AACS authentication method, the model section 
>commands were revised.
>These changes were approved in Mt. Fuji meeting last week.
>And some other minor clarification/correction were also applied to RTI
>command and Format Unit command.
>Please check the following URL to get the rev 0.93:
>Any comment on rev 0.93 is appreciated.
>Kind Regards,
>Takeshi Kohda
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