A track length of 0xFFFD0001 on DVD (RTI cmd) ring a bell ?

Peter Van Hove Peter at Smart-Projects.net
Wed Aug 3 07:29:28 PDT 2005

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Hi Keiji,

Unfortunately I have never had the possibility to investigate such a disc 
|from up close.
The information always came via email and from people with less knowledge on 
the subject, so not always easy to assertain the real situation.
My guess in both cases was one (1) RZone, and not sure if the session was 

I think I see your point :
0xFFFFFFFF - 0x30000 + 2 = FFFD0001

I don't know how to explain the 2 but it looks like the drive gets confused 
then and assumes the last border starts at 0xFFFFFFFF (more or less) ?
Or that the last recorded sector number in the bordered area is 0xFFFFFFF 
(+2 ??)

Suppose I work around the issue,
what would be a good "faked" length for a single RZone disc (fully recorded) 

Best Regards,
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> Hi Peter,
> How many RZones are on the DVD-R disc?
> How about Borders?
> The disc may have bad RMD information. You can see the RMD data via
> 16.24.14 Recording Management Area Data (Format Code = 0Dh) of 16.24 READ
> 4.16.11 RMD (Recording Management Data) for Single Layer discs of
> Fuji6r091.pdf explains the structure and content.
> The track length of RZone#1 is calculated by "Start Sector Number of RZone
> #2" - "Start Sector Number of RZone #1".
> If RZone#1 is the only one RZone, then the length is "Start Sector Number
> of Border-out #1" or "Last Recorded Sector Number of the last RZone in the
> Bordered Areaa" - "Start Sector Number of RZone #1".
> In the case of DVD-R, "Start Sector Number of RZone #1" is fixed value
> 0x30000.
> "" shows you a field name. You may find it using Find menu of Acrobat
> Reader.
> Best regards,
> Keiji Katata

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