A track length of 0xFFFD0001 on DVD (RTI cmd) ring a bell ?

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Hi Peter,

How many RZones are on the DVD-R disc?
How about Borders?

The disc may have bad RMD information. You can see the RMD data via
16.24.14 Recording Management Area Data (Format Code = 0Dh) of 16.24 READ
4.16.11 RMD (Recording Management Data) for Single Layer discs of
Fuji6r091.pdf explains the structure and content.

The track length of RZone#1 is calculated by "Start Sector Number of RZone
#2" - "Start Sector Number of RZone #1".
If RZone#1 is the only one RZone, then the length is "Start Sector Number
of Border-out #1" or "Last Recorded Sector Number of the last RZone in the
Bordered Areaa" - "Start Sector Number of RZone #1".
In the case of DVD-R, "Start Sector Number of RZone #1" is fixed value

"" shows you a field name. You may find it using Find menu of Acrobat

Best regards,

Keiji Katata

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