A track length of 0xFFFD0001 on DVD (RTI cmd) ring a bell ?

Peter Van Hove Peter at Smart-Projects.net
Tue Aug 2 05:44:44 PDT 2005

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On two different occasions I have had a situation where a drive reported 
0xFFFD0001 as track length on a DVD (Read Track Information command).
It was a single sided written DVD-R (at least it was reported that way)
The DVD was obviously bad and the drive had issues with the DVD structures.
However I think it's strange that on those two different occasions the 
length was exactly the same (0xFFFD0001) and furthermore the number itself 
makes me wonder (I mean I would expect 0xFFFFFFFF or better 0x00000000, or 
something like that)
PS. this is not one drive, it seems that two different drives are involved.

So my question,
does the length 0xFFFD0001 ring a bell ?
If it makes sense to some I would like to understand as well as then I can 
try to work around the issue.

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