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Hi all,

In July meeting, we have set a back-up date for Mt. Fuji, hosted by
Pioneer, Tokyo (TBD) at August 24th. Pioneer cannot prepare a meeting
facility. But JVC Yoshihara san kindly prepares a meeting room in Tokyo
As you know, Twin Format disc discussion are going on via reflector.
Therefore I would like to have Fuji meeting at August 24th.

But many Fuji members have other meeting at August 24th afternoon.
Therefore the second day Mt. Fuji meeting is half day meeting at August
24th morning.

August 23 Tue, ??:?? - 18:00 Mt. Fuji - hosted by Toshiba, Hamamatsu-cho
August 24 Wet,  9:30 - 12:30 Mt. Fuji - hosted by JVC, Tokyo area

I would like to confirm requirements for Twin Format (Hybrid) disc
Also I would like to confirm the target schedule of the Twin Format
(Hybrid) disc.

When we consider the smooth transition from DVD to HD-DVD in Consumer
Electronics environment, we may not necessary a complicated scheme that may
change UDF specification. For such purpose, CE similar behavior is enough
for PC environment.
But if someone thinks that a complete solution may have a nice advantage in
PC environment, the goal should be discussed.
In both cases, the disadvantage may be discussed too.

The 2nd day meeting place and transportation method will be announced from
Yoshihara san.

I hope for an active discussion. Please arrange your opinion and send it to

Best regards,

Keiji Katata

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