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Thu Apr 21 13:56:47 PDT 2005

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 From SPC3 rev 22a - SCSI name string identifier format

"The SCSI NAME STRING field starts with either:
c) The four UTF-8 characters "iqn." concatenated with an iSCSI Name for 
an iSCSI-name based identifier (see iSCSI).
If the ASSOCIATION field is set to 01b (i.e., target port), the SCSI
NAME STRING field ends with the five UTF-8 characters ",t,0x"
concatenated with two or more hexadecimal digits as specified in the
applicable SCSI transport protocol standard (see 3.1.102)."

Why "two or more"?  The TPGT (the iSCSI stuff after the ",t,")
is a 16-bit unsigned value presented in text.  The RFC does not
specify the radix, but I think forcing this to he hex is a great
help to interoperability.  But why isn't ",t,0x4" considered valid
in T10?  I really hope that the requirement is not to treat TPGT
as binary encoded hexadecimal and require that "4" be formatted
as "0x0034".  Perhaps separate rules are needed for naa./eui.
(since they are native binary) and iqn. (since it's native text).


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