Changes Required to REPORT KEY Command in Fuji6r072

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Dear All,

As you may have been aware of, the AACS group publicized its 
primary specifications at its web site ( ).
Before publicizing the specifications, a change was introduced 
in the drive-host authentication process and consequently the 
length of parameters returned from drive to host were extended 
by 16 bytes. These changes have been incorporated in the publicized 
AACS specifications but are not incorporated in the Fuji6r072_diff 
document, because it happened after the last Mt. Fuji meeting. 
For the purpose of consistency, I would like to ask the following 
changes are incorporated in the next revision of Mt. Fuji document.

  In Table 453 and Table 454 of Fuji6r072_diff document,

  The value in the leftmost column of the bottom row should be 
  changed to 163 from 147 and REPORT KEY DATA LENGTH should be 
  changed to A6h from 96h.

The other AACS related changes approved at the last Mt. Fuji 
meeting are well incorporated in the Fuji6r072_diff document.

Best Regards,
Atsushi Ishihara, Toshiba

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>Subject: Distributed documents in April Mt.Fuji meeting
>I have uploaded the materials distributed in April Mt. Fuji meeting in the
>following FTP site.
>The April Mt. Fuji meeting draft minutes are available as:
>The Fuji Ver.6 Rev. 0.72 is available as
>This revision is intermediate revision to Rev.0.8 and therefore only diff
>version is available for the review purpose.
>The difference between Rev 0.7 and Rev 0.72 are as follows:
>* Missing approved items in March Mt. Fuji meeting were added. (RTI command
>and DVD-R Dual layer model)
>* AACS corrections made in April Mt. Fuji were applied.
>* DVD-R and DVD-RW model sections were updated to match DVD-R Ver.2.1 and
>DVD-RW Ver.1.2.
>* Inappropriate Acrobat Index structure was fixed
>* Editorial corrections
>After some review period (two weeks), I will publish this revision as Rev
>Best Regards,
>Takeshi Kohda
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