SPC-3 r22a uploaded

Elliott, Robert (Server Storage) elliott at hp.com
Wed Apr 20 16:53:39 PDT 2005

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If SPC-3 revision 22a is reopened per 05-148 and 05-150, here are a few
more trivial editorial corrections to include:
1. Section 4.5.1 item b), change MODE PARAMETERS HAVE CHANGED to MODE

2. Section 6.26 table 169 REPORT TIMESTAMP parameter data format, remove
unwanted vertical lines from bytes 0 and 1

3. Section 7.2.9 bottom of printed page 259, remove underlines from
"identify" and "standard"

4. Section 7.4.8 add period to end of sentence ending in MODE PARAMETERS

5. Section 7.6.6 table 324 (Mode page policy) change 10b from "per
initiator port" to "obsolete" (as requested by an accepted letter ballot

Rob Elliott, elliott at hp.com 
Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Server Storage Advanced Technology 


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