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Tue Apr 19 16:16:27 PDT 2005

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Dear all,

I have updated the Timely Safe Recording (TSR) proposal with the latest
comments received by various companies in this month meetings (mostly device
companies). Also, the 'TSR speed.xls' sheet now demonstrates that even for a
HD-DVD-RE drive with firmware optimized to reduce the write-to-verify cost,
TSR would permit a time gain up to 17%. A non-optimized drive would gain
about 50% time.

John Lohmeyer kindly helped me to upload the following documents:

The first file is a PDF version of the Word document found in the ZIP file,
the word document being the TSR proposal itself. The second is the TSR.ZIP
file distributed to Mt Fuji, containing additional power point presentation
an above mentioned excel file.

As the Mt Fuji TSR SWG could not meet today in Seattle, I would like to ask
the host engineers present on Mt Fuji to kindly send me their opinion per
e-mail before 27th of April (Wednesday next week), so we may continue with
discussion in Mt Fuji and finally have a vote. A very similar e-mail was
sent to Mt Fuji reflector.

Best regards,

David Burg

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