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On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 phil.colline at dothill.com wrote:

> I believe it would be a big mistake to obsolete FCP_DL.  The only 
> other way to determine the transfer size is to crack the payload (CDB) 
> which would put undue burden on hardware or software layers that 
> currently rely exclusively on FCP_DL.  While it is a true statement 
> that the FCP_DL is redundant with the CDB transfer length, forcing the 
> many existing implementations relying on FCP_DL to utilize the CDB 
> instead over an orthogonal issue is not the proper solution.  It also 
> seems like an invitation to renew a whole new set of interoperability 
> problems.

Thanks for saying this. You restated what I already replied with (and I 
dunno why I didn't see it on the list) more elegantly.

There are existing hardware and software implementations that don't have 
to crack the CDB in order to correctly route SCSI commands based upon 
FCP header information.

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