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 The INCITS rules have been revised as documented in Lynn's email. I do not see any impacts on T10.

 -- John

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INCITS TC Officers, INCITS Executive Board Members 

INCITS Executive Board letter ballot for approval of the PBC recommended changes to the INCITS/RD-2, Organization and Procedures

 closed on September 3rd.  These changes have been incorporated in to the INCITS/RD-2 at http://www.incits.org/rd-2/main.htm.

A summary of the changes can be viewed from http://www.incits.org/archive/2004/in041079/in041079.pdf.
Please communicate this information to your technical committee and task group members.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Lynn Barra
Associate Director, ITI Standards Operations
INCITS Secretariat

 Information Technology Industry Council
1250 Eye St. NW
Washington DC  20005

 T: 202-626-5739
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