Correction in MMC4r03D, RESERVE TRACK?

Henry Gabryjelski henrygab at
Fri Sep 24 15:39:20 PDT 2004

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The RESERVE TRACK command has not historically had an IMMED bit (at
least in the standards).  I would like to suggest that the following
paragraph be modified to remove the last sentence in the following

6.35.4 Timeouts 
The RESERVE TRACK command belongs to timeout group 2 when IMMED is zero.
The group 2 timeout value is only for Initiator information.  The
Logical Unit shall not time group 2 timeout commands.  Execution shall
continue until completion.  When the IMMED is set to one, status shall
be returned within a Group 1 timeout.  

It seems that this is only a copy/paste error, so I think it is
acceptable as an editorial change.

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