TAS and Extended Contingent Allegiance

Ralph O. Weber roweber at IEEE.org
Tue Sep 21 10:46:36 PDT 2004

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* "Ralph O. Weber" <roweber at ieee.org>
It has been brought to my attention that SPC-1 changed
bit 7 of byte 4 in the Control mode page from EECA (Enable
Extended Contingent Allegiance) to Reserved.

In SPC-2, the same bit was changed from Reserved to TAS
(Task Aborted Status).

Apparently, some firmware out there still interprets
Control mode page byte 4 bit 7 to mean Enable Extended
Contingent Allegiance.

Since it seems likely that lots of other firmware interprets
the same bit as enabling the sending of TASK ABORTED status,
there may be a nasty problem brewing here.

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