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Excerpt from SAS-1.1 Rev 5,

"State machine variable MgmtReset shall be set to one if this state is entered 
due to a Management Reset request or SMP Reset request. MgmtReset shall be set 
to zero if this state is entered due to a power on, a hard reset, DWS Lost 
timeout, or COMINIT received."

Could someone clarify what is meant by "DWS Lost timeout"?

I assume it refers to the "DWS Lost" message sent by the DWS state machine
to the SP state machine, but I've never seen it referred to as a "timeout".
There is a "DWS Reset Timeout" in the DWS state machine which generates a "DWS 
Reset message to the SP hence my confusion.

Also, I noticed a couple of errors in the spec:

Page 138:
" Transition SP22:SATA_PHY_Ready to SP1:OOB_COMINIT"

"SP1" above should be "SP0"

Page 140:
" State description

Figure 71 shows the SP5:SATA_PortSelectionSignalPending state. This state 
controls transmission of the SATA port selection signal when a specified phy 
processes an SMP Phy Control (Transmit SATA Port Selection Signal) request."

"SP5" above should be "SP25"

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