place power on time in a standard log page?

Douglas Gilbert dougg at
Sun Sep 5 18:48:46 PDT 2004

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* Douglas Gilbert <dougg at>
The self-test result log page (SPC-3) has a timestamp
field which is the total accumulated power on hours at
the time when the self-test was done. So recent disks
which typically support this log page need to keep track
of the accumulated power on time.

However there is no standard log page (as at SPC-3 rev 20a)
that makes this value available. One could use the SEND
DIAGNOSTIC command to do a background short self-test and read
the result 2 minutes later. That approach seems a bit obtuse.

Both Seagate and Hitachi have a vendor specific "factory" log
page (3Eh) that makes the power on time value available.

Could space be found in an existing standard log page (or
a new one) for the power on time?

Doug Gilbert 

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