sbc ballot - removable not detachable HDD obsolete

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> Now available on are:
> sbc2r15a.pdf - Latest working draft, incorporating all comment
> resolutions to date
> 04-274r0.pdf - List of comment resolutions, sorted by author
> containing 04-274r0.fdf - Adobe Acrobat format comment
> resolutions to apply to sbc2r15.pdf (the original revision)
> ...
> Please review the resolutions to your and others' comments.
> ...
> The CAP WG needs to vote on these topics:
> ...
> * obsolete support for "volatile medium" such as RAM disks
> * obsolete support for removeable media
> ...

Unless corrected I will suppose, ...

By obsoleting removable media we mean, ...

Obsoleting the combination of op x12 "INQUIRY" data byte 0 mask x80 RMB =

with mask x1F PDT =3D x00 SBC, and we suggest this solely ...

In the context of the comment on Iomega's Abstain vote:

--- page 120 of 185
Author: iomega
Page: i
Sequence number: 4
Date: 9/2/2004 9:46:41 PM
Type: Note

REFER - VOTE (probably reject for now. there's not much in SBC on=20
removeable media to worry about.)

(with an abstain vote)

Iomega has not chosen to carefully review SBC-2.=A0 Instead, Iomega=20
believes SBC-3 should obsolete the Removable Media portion of SBC.=A0=20
Actual massively distributed boot BIOS and operating systems have never =

fully supported Removable SBC as specified by Consequently, =

designs for broad compatibility in read, boot, and write are moving to=20
removable MMC UDF for more than 32 GiB/disc, as in the example of the=20
Iomega REV drive, else to detachable but not removable SBC, as in the=20
example of USB adapters for small Compact Flash.


Pat LaVarre

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