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Fri Sep 3 10:30:55 PDT 2004

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There is a joint T10, T13 and Trusted Computing Group work group to 
define trusted commands for SCSI and ATA based on the TCG architecture. 
Several people have suggested that since the T11 security people will be 
at the T10 meeting that it may be useful to have a joint meeting with 
the T11 group to let them know what we are doing and solicit feedback.

The meeting will be Wednesday, September 15, after the SP and CAP 
meetings. We could also discuss some of the background of TCG. An 
overview was given several months ago in Dana Point but we can review it 
in more detail if you have questions. I think an hour should be enough 
unless there is a lot of discussion. If you have an interest please join us.

Steve Sletten

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