Prevent Allow Medium Removal Command

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Fri Sep 3 09:52:08 PDT 2004

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> To all wih an interest in removable media devices:


> As a result an IBM letter ballot comment on MMC-4 relating to the
> differences between MMC-4s definition of the PREVENT ALLOW MEDIUM 
> command and the definition of that command in SPC-2 it has been 
> recommended
> that this command be removed from SPC... and the definition placed in 
> the
> various command standards. This will be discussed in the next CAP 
> meeting.

We can analogously claim that MMC op x23 "READ FORMAT CAPACITIES" could 
move into SPC, since some massively distributed hosts send that op x23 
to RMB SBC devices that shows as supposedly having 
vendor-specific behaviour there.

And another analogy is that I hear that the op x12 "INQUIRY" 
definitions are incompatible between SPC and MMC.  I only know they are 
redundant, I can't myself easily say if they are incompatible or not.  
I'm guessing they are incompatible, else why be redundant.

Pat LaVarre

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