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Wed Sep 1 09:41:57 PDT 2004

While I realize I'm not a voting member ... Michael's items ALL get my
vote :).=20

As to the volunteer request, I'd be happy to assign a member of my team
to jump in as Editor.=20

Tim Jones					tjmac at

On Sep 1, 2004, at 3:11 AM, Banther, Michael wrote:=20

> I've put together a project proposal for a third generation SCSI =
> Changer command set (SMC-3).  You can find it at 04-279r0.=20
>  =20
> Several things drive the need for SMC-3.  Known items include:=20
> 	1.  	An enhanced media changer device type model; =20
> 	2.  	An enhanced TapeAlert capability, including
> synchronization with SCSI Stream Commands =96 3 (SSC-3); =20
> 	3.  	Support for mixed media types within a single media
> changer; =20
> 	4.  	Enhanced support for linking multiple media changers;=20
> Other items that fit within the general application scope may exist =
> well.  If you know of any, please send them to me for inclusion.=20
>  =20
> I'd like to determine if sufficient interest exists within the T10
> community to support a viable SMC working group.  If you're
> interested, please let me know.  I already know that HP will not give
> me enough time to cover all of the roles that a working group needs.
> Hence I'm particularly interested in volunteers for the roles of
> chair-person, secretary, and editor.=20
>  =20
> Michael Banther=20
> Hewlett-Packard Ltd.=20
> Telephone +44 (117) 312-9503=20
>  =20
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