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Hi Peoples,

I've been using the scsi standard on and off for about 10 years now,
implementing both target and initiator code. I understand a review is
underway. I'd like to make two suggestions

a. Could the actual Additional Sense codes and Qualifiers (ASC/Q) be
suffixed each time they are referenced ie

"... shall terminate the READ BUFFER command with CHECK CONDITION
status, with the sense key set to ILLEGAL REQUEST (05h), and the
additional sense code set to COMMAND SEQUENCE ERROR (2Ch/00h). If the
data in the ...."

The SPC is getting quite large and having to continually thumb back to
the ASC/Q tables is a constant annoyance. I think this would be a big
help to us poor, potentially arthritic fingered, programmers.

b. For any new commands or major changes of an existing command, could a
concept section be added the the 'Models' chapter of the relevant
standard explaining both the command and the concept being added/changed
etc. I suppose one could say this is what the reflector is for but, if
you think about it, the standard should be the complete reference for
the programmer.

My two cents worth anyway.


Burn Alting
burn at

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