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T10 Members-

As you may know, the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab has been 
working with SCSI Trade Association to support the Serial Attached SCSI 
plugfests held throughout 2004. At these plugfests the UNH-IOL has performed 
interoperability and conformance testing at the phy and physical layers of the 
SAS standard.

Recently the UNH-IOL formed a Serial Attached SCSI consortium. The SAS 
Consortium has already begun performing further interoperability and 
conformance testing on SAS products outside of the plugfest. In addition the 
SAS consortium has begun developing tests at other layers of the SAS standard.

The goal of the SAS consortium is to provide a forum where companies can come 
at any time to refine their products through standards-based conformance 
testing, as well as interoperability testing against a test bed of SAS device 
and test channels. In addition, the SAS consortium provides a forum where open 
test procedures and interoperabilty metrics are made available to the SAS 
community. The SAS consortium will also serve the T10 community by acting 
as a feedback mechanism. When issues regarding the standard arise during 
testing, the SAS consortium will help bring these to the attention of 
T10 so that these issues can be clarified, or if necessary, the standard 

For more information on participating in the SAS Consortium, the tests we 
perform, and the tools we use, please vist:


  thank you,

  David Woolf
  University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab
  Senior R&D Engineer Storage Technologies
  SAS/SATA/iSCSI/Fibre Channel
  121 Technology Dr. Suite 2
  Durham, NH 03824
  (603) 862 3749

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