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> SAS initiator and expander ports transmit NOTIFY (E/S) 
> primitives to SAS target 
> ports, as described in SAS1.1 subclause
> Here are a few questions:
> Is it permissible for a wide port to transmit a primitive on 
> each physical link?

Yes.  The recipient should treat it equally no matter which
phy it arrives on (if it has more than one phy).

> The primitive is transmitted after the link reset sequence is 
> complete.  I don't see reception of this primitive covered in 
> the SAS link layer description.  

It's not mentioned in the link, port, or transport layer state
machines.  It doesn't affect their normal operation so would
be more of a nuisance than a help.  

> Is there a confirmation that informs the application layer of 
> detection of this primitive?

The SA_PC state machine (application layer power conditions) 
mentions reception of it, just using words like "a NOTIFY
(ENABLE SPINUP) is detected."
> Are there any recommendations for transmission frequency (ie, 
> how often does the target device expect to receive the 
> primitive)?

That's system dependent, not target device dependent.

After power on, the frequency affects how long drive spinup
will take.  After initial spinup, the frequency affects how 
long the START STOP UNIT command will take to be processed
when it is used to enter/exit the Stopped power condition.

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