SPC-3 Letter Ballot comments resolution

Ralph O. Weber roweber at IEEE.org
Tue Nov 9 11:03:49 PST 2004

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I have posted the first set of SPC-3 Letter Ballot comments


There also is an FDF file that can be imported into SPC-3
r21 to show where the accepted changes will be applied.
The files used for this are:


Last but by no means least, there is an interim revision
of SPC-3 that shows the accepted changes applied:


This revision of the Letter Ballot comments resolution
has accepted resolutions for about 350 editorial comments.
No technical comments are resolved at this time. I have
decided to refer resolution of the relatively small number
of technical comments to T10/CAP.

My guess is that over 90% of the 600+ comments currently
marked as Unprocessed will be accepted as soon as I
can find the time to do the necessary markups and edits.

04-355r1.pdf shows several comments that need to be
discussed during CAP. If you have other comments that
you want to discuss, please make sure your concerns
are made known during the early hours of CAP.

All the best,


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