SCSI Execute Command remote procedure at bit level

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I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum to ask questions about
implementation of SCSI but all the other forums were more user related
than implementation/developer, so here goes.

I'm a Intern working on a project to implement a transparent SCSI
protocol on a USB 8051 chip (Cypress EZ-USB FX2). I'm currently having
troubles understanding the Execute Command remote procedure to process
request and response of the SCSI protocol. I read SAM2 and SPC2 and have
figured out how the CDB should be processed but, I haven't been able to
figure out, on byte level, how the whole Service response should go. In
SAM2 5.4.2 Execute Command request/confirmation... chapter there is an
explanation how the communication should go, but not exact formatting is
described, at least the way I see it. Are there any tables, like the
tables explaining the byte layout for CDB in the SPS2 specification, for
the whole makeup of the communication? I.E.: Send Command, response
I need to know in what way that I should expect SCSI commands send by
the OS and what the appropriate way is to respond to them.

Any help would be appreciated greatly

kind regards,

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