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> it is no longer an ANSI standard

Deeply fun English, thank you.

I think you're telling me we have two byte for byte identical objects,
one an ANSI standard, one not, distinguished only by When we view them.

The final draft I presume remains a final draft?  The draft by
definition never was a standard, so the standard no longer being a
standard doesn't mean the draft is no longer a draft.  Softcopy wins
over hardcopy, again.

Thank you, I am grinning as I write this.  Serendipitously, I've lately
found a feed for "Yes, Prime Minister".  Do you know that show?  It
satirically focuses on the organisation of the British government, and
therefore naturally often contains metadiscussion of English words much
like my paragraph above.

> The only reasons I could think of
> for needing a copy of SCSI-1
> would be ...
> or someone who is nearly as big a pack rat as I am. :-)

Hi. :-)

> you should be careful about citing it.
> SCSI-1 was superseded ...

Will do.

I cite SCSI-1 only for historical perspective.  For example,

// Question:

Why does does the CDB x 1B 00:00:00 00 00 sometimes surprisingly
actually mean Eject?

// Answer:

Because we of in SCSI-2 redefined CDB x 1B 00:00:00 00 00 to
mean a non-immediate Stop now clearly distinguished from CDB x 1B
00:00:00 02 00 meaning a non-immediate Eject, rather than defining two
new codes, one meaning only Eject and the other meaning only Stop.

We began with only: "The START/STOP UNIT command ... requests that the
target enable or disable the logical unit for further operations."

// References:

> The only reasons I could think of
> for needing a copy of SCSI-1
> would be some sort of legal issue


> included the ASCII version of SCSI-1
> on the T10 ftp site for historical reasons,

I think there I see mention:

Contact the INCITS Secretariat for availability information.
Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)
{Status: Superseded, Project: 0375-M; Designation: X3.131:1986}
This was the original SCSI standard (X3.131:1986)

The t10/drafts/s1/s1-r17b.txt link I have not yet found in any
page.  I contrast:

Pat LaVarre

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