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Wed Mar 31 21:39:15 PST 2004

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Under section NOTIFY of Sas 1.1 R3

There is a portion of the spec that states....

After the initial NOTIFY (ENABLE SPINUP), they shall transmit NOTIFY
(ENABLE SPINUP) periodically.
Otherwise, the selection of when and how often to transmit NOTIFY
(ENABLE SPINUP) is outside the scope
of this standard.

My question is are there any storage devices out there that will spin
down or do other assorted behaviour if they do not see "the periodic
NOTIFY (ENABLE SPINUP)"? If so how often do/might they need to see the

Thought I'd take a straw poll, and if anybody really cares, and what
they do if they do care.


Walt Allen

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Vitesse Semiconductor
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