about the SMP functions behavior on SAS-1.1

Shinji Ugawa ugawa-sxa at necst.nec.co.jp
Mon Mar 22 15:53:03 PST 2004

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Hi all,

  I send a corrected e-mail again because it had a typo.

  I would like to make sure the SMP functions behavior on SAS-1.1.

/// Question-1.
  When should the expander initialize or forget the following parameters those
  are set by the SMP PHY CONTROL function?

 --- Initialize events --------------+--- e.g. PROG. MIN. PHYS. LINK RATE ---
                      Power on reset |  initialize
  HARD_RESET primitive received msg. |  iitialize, forget the previous value(???)
        PHY OPERATION = 'LINK RESET' |  still keep the value
        PHY OPERATION = 'HARD RESET' |  initialize, forget the previous value(???)
        PHY OPERATION = 'DISABLE'    |  still keep the values

/// comments on the SMP state machine descriptions.
A figure is drawn based on SAS-1.1 r03 for the SMP target port.
So, this figure has a few arrows without a destination (requests and 
confirmation). My comments are as the followings.

1. SMP_TP2: Frame Transmitted confirmation
   The Frame Transmitted confirmation send from SMP_TP2 is in the Figure 106. 
   But I could not find a description for this confirmation in

2. PL_PM3: SMP Transmit Break request
   The SMP Transmit Break request send from PL_PM3 is in the Figure 110. 
   But I could not find a description for this request in

3. in SAS-1.1 r03 page 257, in SAS-1.1 r04 page 259. PL_OC2:Overall_Control state connection management
   If this state receives an Accept_Reject Opens request, then this state 
   shall send an Accept_Reject Opens message to all phys in the port.
   I guess that the "Accept_Reject Opens message to all phys" is misprint for 
   the "Accept_Reject Opens request to all link layers". 
   I referred to a table J.11 in an annex J.

4. in SAS-1.1 r03 page 259, in SAS-1.1 r04 page 261.
   If this state is in an SMP target port, then this state shall send the 
   Tx Frame message containing the SMP REQUEST frame to the PL_PM state 
   machine on which the connection was established for the Tx Open message.
   I thought that the "SMP REQUEST frame" should change to the "SMP RESPONSE".

Shinji Ugawa
NEC System Technologies, Ltd.
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