ADI: BMQ and ATAPI bridging

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Thu Mar 18 12:22:13 PST 2004

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I have a couple of ADI questions:

Table 36 of document 1558-D Revision 6 (ADC) discusses the effect of the
"bus mode qualifier" field.  This field seems to direct the target port
to drive or not drive the DIFFSENS line.  According to document 1365D
revision 10 (SPI-4), terminators drive this line, not devices.  How am I
supposed to interpret the "bus mode qualifier" field if my LVD device
does not have an internal terminator?  Can I safely ignore this field?

Consider an ATAPI device connected through a SCSI bridge.  Suppose the
ATAPI device cannot control parameters such as "minimum transfer period"
and bus mode.  Also suppose the ATAPI device cannot determine the
current transfer period or bus mode.  Does the specification allow for
such a device?  How does such a device respond when asked to change or
report said parameters?

Thank You,
David Hawks
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