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(1) in sas1.1, r03 page 206, it says

---- SL_CC3:Connected state State description
A CLOSE Received message may be received at any time while in this state, 
but shall be ignored during SSP and SMP connections. If a CLOSE Received 
(Clear Affiliation) is received during an STP connection, this state shall 
clear any affiliation (see 7.17.4).

Can a CLOSE received message really be ignored?   Can I assume this message 
is latched so it is still a valid message to check in SL_CC4:DisconnectWait 
For example,  is the following sequence of events correct to close a SSP 
assume a SSP connection open between device X and Y,  then later
X sent DONE,
Y sent DONE,
Y sent CLOSE,
X sent CLOSE.

For X, if the CLOSE from Y is ignored, without register it as a valid CLOSE, 
X would be in SL_CC4:DisconnectWait state and waiting for another CLOSE.  I 
don't think that's what the spec means when it says 'ignore'.

But if Y sent CLOSE before the DONEs are exchanged, for X, this CLOSE should 
be "completely" ignored.

Do we need some clarificartion on this in the spec.?

here is 'message' definition in SAS pg8, doesn't help me on above question.
3.1.74 message: Information sent between state machines.

(2) In sas1.1 r03, page 202, it says,

--- SL_CC state machine overview
The state machine consists of the following states:
a) SL_CC0:Idle (see state);
b) SL_CC1:ArbSel (see;
c) SL_CC2:Selected (see;
d) SL_CC3:Connected (see;
e) SL_CC4:DisconnectWait (see;
f) SL_CC5:BreakWait (see; and
g) SL_CC6:Break (see

SL_CC7:CLoseSTP is missing from above list.


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