What are the 'typical' set of Device Identification VPD

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> Subject: What are the 'typical' set of Device Identification VPD
> Hi Again,
> Further to my question on Relative Target Ports, what are the typical
> "set" of Identification descriptors that the Device Identification VPD
> page should contain?
> If one can, should one report the following
> 	a. Have a T10 vendor identification descriptor
> 	b. Have a Relative Target port identification descriptor
> 	(if it makes sense ... or if you just had one target port
> 	then report it as '0x01' always)
> 	c. EUI-64 based standard
> Thanks in advance
> Burn Alting
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> Burn Alting <burn at comptex.com.au> 

Logical units should report all these device identifiers:
a) logical unit name.  In NAA binary format, EUI-64-based binary format,
or string name format - whatever is convenient based on the protocol(s)
of the target port(s).  A FCP-only or SAS-only target uses NAA format
(64-bit or 128-bit). 

b) relative target port identifier of the target port used for the
INQUIRY command.  Should even be returned on a single-ported target.

c) target port identifier or name of the target port used for the
INQUIRY command. In NAA binary, EUI-64 binary, or string name format, as
defined by the transport protocol.  An FCP or SAS target uses a 64-bit
NAA format (the FC port WWN or the SAS address).

d) target device name.  Ideally a single name in string name format (may
be "naa.", "eui.", or "iqn." based).  Could also be a set of device
names, one per target port protocol, each in NAA binary, EUI-64-based
binary, or string name formats.

Rob Elliott, elliott at hp.com
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