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Tue Mar 2 15:11:29 PST 2004

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Hi Peoples,

I am doing some work on raids and have some questions on Relative Target

Let's say I have a raid enclosure with two controllers, each of which
has two host ports. I can configure a "data set of disks" to present on
one or more of the controllers and their host ports.

Now my question is:- Is a 'relative target port identifier'

a. with reference to the hardware (ie controller 0 port 0 == 0x01,
controller 0 port 1 == 0x02, controller 1 port 0 == 0x03 and controller
1 port 1 == 0x03)


b. with reference to the data set (ie if the data set is presented only
on controller 1, port 1, then the relative target port identifier will
be 0x01; alternately if it where on both host ports on controller 1,
then port 0 would be 0x00 and port 1 would be 0x01).

Thanks in advance

Burn Alting <burn at>

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