A persistent reservation question

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Hi Rob,

After I look in the SPC-3 section 5.6.2, it still does not answer my
question. Actually I wanted to know, if a host has registered
persistently by sending SPC-3 PERSISTENT RESERVE OUT command with
the device device receives SPC-2 RESERVE command (with the same key)
|from this host, what should the device do in this case ?

SPC-3r19 section 5.6.2 says "A RESERVE(6) or RESERVE(10) command shall
complete with GOOD status, but no reservation shall be established and
the persistent reservation shall not be changed ...". I am not clear
about what does the part "... and the persistent reservation shall not
be changed" means. Does this mean that we get a RESERVE (SPC-2) command
after the host is PERSISTENTLY RESERVED (using SPC-3 style reservation).
If this is true, then my question is different.

Please advice, on what I am thinking is correct or incorrect.

Thanks in advance

Vivek Mehrotra

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SPC-2, which defined both commands, requires that RESERVATION CONFLICT
status be returned.

SPC-3, which considers RESERVE/RELEASE obsolete, allows them to be
treated as NOOPs in certain cases (see section 5.6.2 of revision 19, all
the revisions of 03-232, 02-483, and 02-231).

Rob Elliott, elliott at hp.com 
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Subject: A persistent reservation question

Hi Folks, 
What is the best approach to handle the scenario, when a device is
registered for persistent reservation using SCSI 3 style PERSISTENT
RESERVE OUT command (expecting a same style command with RESERVE service
action), but receives a old style RESERVE command from the initiator.
I didn't see SCSI specs talking about this anywhere ! 
Thanks in Advance 
Vivek Mehrotra 
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