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Sun Jun 27 18:28:07 PDT 2004

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Resolutions have been proposed for all OSD Letter Ballot comments.

In the absence of any major hiccups, I will be looking for a forwarding
vote at the July T10 Plenary.

The following documents are available for review:

The actual Letter Ballot comments resolutions document:

An FDF file that can be imported into the OSD r09 PDF to see the
comments resolutions against the original text:

Updates to the OSD Error Reporting and Sense Data Descriptors
(a document referenced by 04-108r4)

A proposal to define FLUSH commands for every OSD object type
(a document referenced by 04-108r4)

A proposal to address a myriad of problems in the OSD security
model and give some useful functions to the Policy/Storage
Manager model component
(a document referenced by 04-108r4)
   - version with lots of strikeouts and notes about deleted
   - version fewer strikeouts and notes

Needless to say, there is plenty to review and discuss in the next
two weeks.

All the best,


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