[t13] RE: August 12 SCSI/ATA Translation (SAT) Teleconference

Bruce Allen ballen at gravity.phys.uwm.edu
Fri Jun 25 05:44:52 PDT 2004

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Hi Steve,

> A working example for such an interface is the Linux ATA Taskfile
> pass-through command layer (ide-taskfile.c) which was developed with
> assistance from our team. It hides the physical ATA addressing while
> still allowing to send any command and getting status any time.

A small correction regarding ide-taskfile.c: you can't use it for READ
LONG and WRITE LONG because in the current incarnation it will only handle
data which is multiples of 512 bytes.  So it won't allow one to 'send any
command'.  But I agree that this is very desirable in a pass-thru


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