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I was reviewing the device types in SPC-3 and noticed this line 
(spc3r19 page 135, Table 75):
0Ah-0Bh Defined by ASC IT8 (Graphic arts pre-press devices)

The "IT8" accredited standards committee seems to have changed 
hands, now called CGATS. CGATS' web page is:

This is a description of the committee:
"NPES The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing
and Converting Technologies supports and administers the
activities of the ANSI-accredited Committee for Graphic
Arts Technologies Standards (CGATS). For more information
contact standards at npes.org .

CGATS was formed in 1987 following a year-long assessment
of the need for an umbrella standards committee by the
Image Technology Standards Board (ITSB) of the American
National Standards Institute (ANSI), and received ANSI
accreditation in 1989.

... The activities involving digital data exchange and
color data definition were activities formerly under the
IT8 Committee. Beginning in 1994, that work continued under
the administrative structure of CGATS."

It still calls some of its standards "IT8.nn".  

Should the reference be updated to something like this?
0Ah-0Bh Defined by the Committee for Graphic
  Arts Technologies Standards (CGATS) IT8 standards 
  (Graphic arts pre-press devices)

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