[t13] RE: August 12 SCSI/ATA Translation (SAT) Teleconference

Steve Livaccari livaccar at us.ibm.com
Thu Jun 24 12:40:04 PDT 2004

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I received the following request from one of my developers, please include
this on the agenda.

Basically we have a single request: please provide a pass-through that
allows to send all ATA commands, including vendor-unique and even
undocumented ones!
We understand that there will be restrictions (e.g. commands that depend on
a specific timing will most probably not work), but hopefully there will
also be mappings to retrieve ATA status only (e.g. get the current ATA
taskfile contents via Mode Sense),  doing an ATA softreset (via Mode
Select) and similar low-level operations.
A working example for such an interface is the Linux ATA Taskfile
pass-through command layer (ide-taskfile.c) which was developed with
assistance from our team. It hides the physical ATA addressing while still
allowing to send any command and getting status any time.

Steve Livaccari

Hard Drive Engineering
IBM Global Procurement
Internet:  livaccar at us.ibm.com
Phone (919) 543.7393

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