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After incorporating proposals approved during July T10 week (15 July for
the plenary), I plan to request a letter ballot on SCSI Block Commands -
2 (SBC-2).  Revision 14 is the current revision.

The following proposals affecting SBC-2 are on the July agenda:
5.2.1 SPC-3 SES-2 SBC-2 Miscellaneous diagnostic page topics (04-031r2)
5.3.1 Changing Logical Block Sizes (04-011r4) [Penokie]
5.3.2 SBC-2: SPC-3: Protection Information Fixes (04-169r1) [Penokie]
5.3.3 SBC-2 Make FORMAT UNIT, READ (16), and WRITE (16) optional
(04-171r0) [Elliott]
5.3.4 SBC-2 Defect descriptor wording corrections (04-164r0) [Elliott]
5.3.5 SBC-2 New CRC figure and example C code (04-176r0) [Elliott]
5.3.6 Log page code assignment for Non-volatile cache log page [Weber]
5.3.7 Read Long clarification (04-184r0) [Houlder]
5.3.8 SBC-2 Commands during format operation (04-192r0) [Elliott]

Please try to review these proposals before the meeting so we can vote
on them.  If you have any other proposals you want to slip in, now would
be a good time to post them.

Rob Elliott, elliott at 
Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Server Storage Advanced Technology 
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