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* The Structure of the ECC Block
Figure 30 ECC Block Structure
User Data                        ECC Parity on Rows
B0,0   B0,1   B0,2  ...  B0,171   C0,0   C0,1   C0,2  ...  C0,9  <-
B1,0   B1,1   B1,2  ...  B1,171   C1,0   C1,1   C1,2  ...  C1,9
B2,0   B2,1   B2,2  ...  B2,171   C2,0   C2,1   C2,2  ...  C2,9

6.23 READ CAPACITY Command
Table 351 ? Features Associated with the READ CAPACITY Command
0020h Random Writable Mandatory                                  <-

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