[t13] 04-136r0.pdf SCSI to ATA Command Translations

Pat LaVarre p.lavarre at ieee.org
Mon Jun 7 15:31:00 PDT 2004

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> Fixing the bytes/LBA at 512 is not acceptable.
> In ATA/ATAPI-7, T13 established support for
>       * long LBAs
>       * multiple LBAs/physical sector
>       * multiple physical sectors/LBA

How we map that ATA spec into SCSI remains an open question.

Arguably we may prefer a mapping that gives us 512 bytes/LBA while
informing plug 'n play that read/write of larger aligned quantities may
complete significantly (like 100X) faster.

Already t10.org PDT x05 on paper says bytes/LBA is fixed at 2 KiB,
except for non-default modes, yes?  So now likewise t10.org, moving in
the direction of modeling reality more accurately, might say this for
PDT x00.

Pat LaVarre

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