P-OUT clear service action hanging

Brian Auld bauld at lefthandnetworks.com
Mon Jun 7 16:22:33 PDT 2004

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* Brian Auld <bauld at lefthandnetworks.com>
I'm running passthrough commands to a LUN on an MSA1000. My host is 
running RH9. I'm using the sg driver provided with this distribution 
using the SG_IO option to send the passthrough commands.

I have a previously established reservation that I'm trying to clear. 
I'm following the directions in the spec for clearing a a persistent 
reservation - specifically, section of SPC-2:

(1) My P-OUT command has a service action set to CLEAR 03h.
(2) In my 24 bytes of data transferred to the target with the command, 
only the reservation
      key field is set to a non-zero value. This value is of course the 
previously registered reservation key.

When I execute this command, my driver hangs until it times out and 
returns with an error.

Any ideas or history with the MSA1000 that makes it not cooperate well 
with P-IN/P-OUT commands?


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