[t13] 04-136r0.pdf SCSI to ATA Command Translations

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	The MO people have some non-512 byte sector sizes.  If you fix the
size at 512 bytes you do freeze them out.  Similiarly, CD's have several
different track formats that vary from about 2100 bytes to 2400 bytes.

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Pat LaVarre wrote:
>>3.1.2 SCSI INQUIRY CDB format and supported fields
> I mis/remember MMC requires a zero in the byte 2 Version field of op x12
> "INQUIRY" data ... compatibility there could force us to pay attention
> to how to report version in the standard bytes that follow the
> vendor-specific bytes out past offset x24.

Most ATAPI and USB devices report zero in the version field.

My choice in Linux is to simulate MMC-3 version, and supply auto-sensing 
capability even when the low-level device does not.

>>3.2 Read Capacity (10) Command  (25h)
>>This value is currently set to 512 bytes,
>>which is the standard sector size for disk drives. 
> I see us taking the chance to try to fix the bytes/LBA at 0.5 Ki, like
> MMC fixed the bytes/LBA at 2 Ki, shutting out the (empty set of?) ATA MO
> folk.
> I like that.

It shut out nobody.

IMO the OS request block size _should_ be constant at 512 octets.  It 
makes calculations easier, and representations more normal.

For MO devices with >512 sector sizes are fine, just make sure the OS 
always sends down a multiple of 512-byte sectors as required by the device.

However, any device with a non-power-of-two sector size should be shot 
on sight ;-)  SATA specification mentions such devices...  grumble.

>> For the Read(12) command, if the size
>>TRANSFER LENGTH  field is greater than 16
>>bits, then the command will terminate with a
>>check condition where the  sense key set to
>>illegal request and additional sense code set
>>to invalid field in CDB.
> I like that.  I independently reached that conclusion and shipped that
> solution once, together with a comment something like "Comdex, 1996,
> nothing so permanent as a temporary kluge".  So far as I know, noone
> ever returned to that code to kick up the max LBA's/CDB past xFFFF.

<shrug>  It's required by the underlying ATA device, not much else you 
can do but limit to 0xffff -- or even 0xff for non-lba48 devices.

For lba28 devices, Linux limits you to 0xff (actually a tiny bit less) 
as expected.


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