[t13] op x12 "INQUIRY" "vendor id" how distinct

Pat LaVarre p.lavarre at IEEE.org
Fri Jun 4 14:17:33 PDT 2004

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Jeff G:

> > Anybody making a device that ships without a "vendor identification"
> > listed at t10.org actually can fix that rudeness gratis, merely by
> > volunteering t10.org people to help by visiting:
> Someone needs to add 'ATA' to that list.

Please confirm, you mean to say,

Your libata.ko driver of kernel.org Linux 2.6 is a virtual SCSI device
now being massively distributed that in fact ships without a "vendor
identification" listed at t10.org, specifically the eight byte string
"ATA     ".

Therefore you'd like some dues paying member of t10.org to add "ATA" to
the list of SCSI device vendors.  For example, I could try to volunteer
my employer.

Pat LaVarre

P.S. I reached this conclusion by combining your remarks above with the
web trail:


which yielded the "ATA source code:

static void ata_dev_parse_strings(struct ata_device *dev)
memcpy(dev->vendor, "ATA     ", 8);

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