[t13] 04-136r0.pdf SCSI to ATA Command Translations

Bruce Allen ballen at gravity.phys.uwm.edu
Fri Jun 4 12:05:23 PDT 2004

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* Bruce Allen <ballen at gravity.phys.uwm.edu>
> When translating to Compact Flash ATA, do we want to pass thru the media
> serial number as well?
> Personally I only know enough to ask the question.  Because Compact
> Flash is a more or less detachable drive, I ask do they report having a
> unit or a media serial number.  The answer, I don't know.  I hear
> changing unit serial numbers has consequences e.g. changing Win drive
> letters.

Pat, here's one example. The transcript below shows information gleaned
|from the output of (ATA) IDENTIFY DEVICE on a sandisk 128 MB compact flash
card.  The unit reports a model, serial number and firmare version number.  
Note that it reports itself as a packet interface device (write once
optical disk!).

smartctl -a /dev/hdc | more
smartctl version 5.31 Copyright (C) 2002-4 Bruce Allen
Home page is http://smartmontools.sourceforge.net/
Device Model:     SanDisk SDCFB-128
Serial Number:    i3097070310
Firmware Version: vde 1.10
Device is:        Not in smartctl database [for details use: -P showall]
ATA Version is:   1
ATA Standard is:  Exact ATA specification draft version not indicated
Local Time is:    Wed May 26 02:44:57 2004 CDT
SMART is only available in ATA Version 3 Revision 3 or greater.
We will try to proceed in spite of this.
SMART support is: Unavailable - Packet Interface Devices [this
device: Write-once (optical disk)] don't support ATA SMART 

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