[t13] 04-136r0.pdf SCSI to ATA Command Translations

Jeff Garzik jgarzik at pobox.com
Fri Jun 4 11:34:43 PDT 2004

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Pat LaVarre wrote:
> Why we did not mention op x88 Read(16) and op x8A Write(16)?

I am glad you mentioned this.

Linux implements READ/WRITE(16), and I disagree with the T10 proposal 
that it should not be implemented.

>>Write and Verify (10)  2Eh  Multiple     X  3.12
>>Write and Verify (12,16)  AEh, 8Eh  N/A      Not Supported
> Why support only the (10) and not the trivial translation between that
> and the (12) and (16) flavours?

The (12) variants are pointless.  I did not bother to implement them, 
since READ/WRITE(16) translation is fully supported by Linux.

>>Write Long  3Fh  N/A      Not Supported
>>Read Long (10)  3Eh  N/A      Not Supported
> Why not?  How do we inject read errors?

Simple answer:  there is no meaningful translation to ATA.

Without using vendor-specific commands, anyway.

>>Prevent Allow Medium Removal  1Eh  N/A      Not Supported
> Why not?  ATA has an RMB bit too?

I think I agree with your objection, but I need to ponder more.


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