SCSI-ATA translation: Handling of SMART

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	SMART is a capability that has a series of subfunctions.  The SMART
counter data is generally incompatible with current log pages as they are
defined.  New log pages could be created that better match what SMART
returns in its logs.  However, several of the subfunctions perform offline
diagnostics that simply return a result in some ATA registers.  At the end
of the day, something new is required.  Using a combination of log pages and
new commands could accomplish the goal, but a pass thorough capability
accomplishes the same goal and would be less impaired as ATA continues to

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In going back through my notes on SMART as it was discussed during 
the last meeting, I noted that Curtis was working on a definition of 
"SMART passthrough" for SCSI.

I have to admit I don't know much about ATA SMART, so keep that in 
mind when answering this question since this is possibly a naive 
question :)

Is a passthrough mechanism somehow a superior method than the current 
Informational Exceptions log pages?  What are the major differences?

I would ask this on the con call tomorrow, if there is one, but 
unfortunately I will be on a plane during the meeting.

Thanks in advance.


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