Confusion in OOB sequence

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We have a confusion on SAS OOB sequence.  

1. Our understanding of OOB sequnece from the specification is, 
   during ALIGN burst period, ALIGN0 primitives should be 
   a. Specification says that ALIGNs are used for the generation
      of the ALIGN burst envelop?
      Please clarify the above point.
2.  How the ALIGN bursts are detected? Are they detected as any 
    transitions or as a proper ALIGN0 primitives?.
3.  How to differentiate between spurious burst/idle time pairs 
    from proper burst/idle time pairs if any transitions are
    permitted in the ALIGN bursts. (Assumption here is that, in 
    case of spurious burst/idle time pairs, idle time is matching the
    COMINIT idle time)
Please let us know.

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